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Website Services

You need a web site created, or maybe, your website has been designed, hosted and uploaded but you don't like it anymore. Now what?

Consulting Services

What do you need today? A coach to guide you? A problem solver? A business planner? A strategic partner who is on your side?

Research Services

Wish you could focus on your passion instead of the "have to do's"? What do you want to know? When do you want to know it by?

 Why should you work with me?

Why should you work with me?

I have been providing Reliable. Efficient. Creative. results that meet my clients' needs, on time and in the way they asked for them for over 20 years. I have practical and leadership experience in administration, operations, sales, business analysis, strategic planning, marketing, event planning and website management! I have worked in the telecommunications, retail, education and government industries. Knowing all that, won't it feel good to release some of your pressures by partnering with someone you know can help you get focused and figure out how to get the job done?

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This is me, Teresa. Just in case you were wondering.
Your Coach
Your Coach

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Because your next Big Thing shouldn't include any suprises about my services

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