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Additional Services

Simplify your marketing with Additional Services

Beyond website design and maintenance are a whole bunch of other business and marketing services that are related to making your website awesome. I've mentioned a few here. You can also submit a request or book a time to chat about your needs.

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New Web Features

Any new addons or integrations or the like

As your website grows, you might be considering adding new features such as new forms, surveys,  online store, integrations with social media such as a twitter feed, or other software-as-service such as an online scheduler, etc. All these are possible with a little work together.

If you do subscribe to Software-as-a-Service, such as an online schedule booking tool, I can take over the configuration for you so that you have branding consistency across your marketing tools.

If you are setting up a store, I can also help you with choosing an ecommerce solution, advise you on payment gateways and integration into your website, and then provide you with guidance on getting your store set up.


Writing & Editing

Content for your website or marketing materials

Its been said that content is the new currency.  Search Engines, your followers and clients, and those you want to do business with, are all looking for interesting, pertinent, and timely content.  Whether its a press release, a script for a video, a brochure, or the pages of your website, I am available to write your content for you.

In addition, I offer editing services, where I take your writing and provide feedback on improvements, corrections, and suggestions on how to take your writing to the next level for optimum impact.

If you are putting together a marketing campaign, such as an email marketing campaign, I can work with you to ensure that your materials are seamless across the board.

Custom Artwork

Curating or creating digital artwork

Marketing materials are more visual now than ever before.  Picking the correct image for the meaning that you wish to communicate can be very time consuming.

One of the value added tasks that I can provide for you is to source out the images that you want for your website or other marketing materials. I’ll do the leg work to find you quality images that can be used for your purposes.

In addition, I can also create a variety of digital artwork for you, or, take the artwork you have and adapt it for your purposes.  For example, if you will be doing social media marketing, each platform requires different sized images.  I can put together these items for you so that you are all ready to go.