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Web Maintenance Services

Web Maintenance Services

Contrary to urban myths, a website does not run itself once it is published. If you want great results from your website, then you need to take care of it.

I offer two monthly options to help you run your WordPress site - for DIYers and those who want more support.

Basic WordPress Maintenance*

  • Services upto 1 hour per month
  • WordPress core updates as needed
  • Theme and plugin updates as needed
  • Basic WordPress website security
  • Service ticket and email responses within 48 hours
  • Discounted Rates for new addon services
  • Referral Credit – 15% discount on your next invoice

Managed WordPress Service**

  • All of the Basics +PLUS+
  • Service upto 3hours per month
  • WordPress Database Monitoring
  • Backups Administration
  • WordPress Security Monitoring
  • Broken Link Checks
  • Basic Content Updates
  • Urgent SMS/Text Messaging support within 12 hours.
  • Service ticket and email responses within 24 hours.

Description of Services

Basic WordPress Security*

Because WordPress is so popular a platform, it is also a target of some people in the world who aren’t necessarily as nice as we’d like them to be. After I start your WordPress installation, or take on the maintenance of your website, I go through your site and apply standard security tweaks.

Backup Administration**

Every website owner needs to consider backups. A good hosting company will automatically backup your website for you. But what if your hosting company doesn’t do that? I can help with that. If you are actively building your content, you will need more regular backups. I make sure your backups are being performed in a way that matches your activities.

Wordpress Security Monitoring**

A bad outcome for you would be if your hosting company blocks your website because it has been hacked.  In addition to the basic WordPress security steps, I regularly review the security settings on your website, and if there’s a spike in attention to your website, I monitor it more closely for you and let you know if any interventions are needed.

Wordpress Database Administration**

Ensuring your backups include the data in your WP database is crucial to you being able to get up and going again. Additionally, I monitor your dbase to confirm that things are working as they are supposed to be. If any interventions are needed, I let you know. Please see exclusions regarding online stores.

Broken Link Checks**

Isn’t if frustrating when you click on a link and it goes to an error page? I regularly review the links in your website and fix them whenever I find them. If I can’t I let you know. If you or a client finds one, just let me know and I get it fixed right away.

Wordpress Content Updates**

Want to add a new page, or a new blog post or swap out an image on one of your stories? Want to tweak your navigation? Did you move business addresses? All these small changes, and more, are included in your Managed WordPress Service.

Service Tickets & Response Times

I use a Service Ticket system to manage client requests. Basic WordPress Maintenance* clients will receive a response to their email or Service Ticket within 48 hours.  If I can fix the issue immediately, I will. Otherwise, I will tell you whats needed.  For Managed WordPress Service** clients, I will respond to your Service Ticket or email within 24 hours.  In addition, I will respond to your text messages (aka SMS) sent to 778-775-2702 within 12 hours.

Client & Referral Discounts

Because I value my existing clients’ business, if you contract with me for any new services, I will offer you discounted rates that are at least 10-15% off what I charge to new clients.  In addition, if you refer my services to someone else and they sign up with me, I will discount your next invoice by 15%, to a maximum of 30% if you have sent me multiple referrals. In addition, if I learn of any discounted services that will benefit you, I’ll let you know.

What is not included in these maintenance packages?

While I’d love to be able to do everything for you within either of these two packages, there are limits to what is possible within such minimal packages.  I’ve laid out some of the most commonly asked for items.  I have noted where I can do something for you for additional fees.  Other items you can ask me about.  we will either negotiate a rate, or I’ll refer you to someone else who offers the service you need.

  • Transferring a non-Wordpress Site into WordPress.
  • Updating databases used in online stores. I’ll make sure the dbase is in your backups though.
  • Support for your email services configurations such as creating email accounts, monitoring email accounts, or troubleshooting difficulties you encounter with your email
  • Managing your non-OWA hosting account services for you
  • Purchasing domain names for you
  • Responding to your clients for you
  • Setting up multiple themes in one website
  • Custom Search Engine Optimization or boosting page ranking or increasing site traffic
  • Building Site backlinks
  • Customized coding that alters more than 1% of your current theme and that cannot be applied in the standard WordPress Custom CSS interface
  • Altering coding of your themes or plugins, for example creating a child theme, fixing buggy plugins, etc.
  • Creating profiles or managing profiles in Social Media accounts

Services I provide outside of the monthly maintenance packages:

Web Design Packages:

  • Overhaul/re-design of your website
  • Creating a new website at a different domain
  • Testing your website works on desktop, tablet and smartphones (ie. Responsive)

Additional Services:

  • Online Store and/or Payment Gateway configurations
  • Configurations of Software-as-a-Service you have purchased such as online book tools
  • Writing Content about your business for you
  • Writing your email content for you
  • Creating custom artwork or other digital art tasks
  • Adding new features such as new forms, surveys, online store, integrations with social media or other software-as-service such as an online scheduler, etc.

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